Resíduo Zero

Zero Residue

The rate of recycling, reuse and recovery of the waste produced in Portobello’s manufacturing process exceeds 99%. Each year we draw closer to zero waste
Recycled materials used into the ceramic mixture (%)
Waste Disposal
96,09% Internal
3,84% External
0,07% Landfill

At the Tijucas manufacturing facility, 99.9% of all waste produced is either repurposed or recycled, thus promoting a circular and responsible economy. We manage all the waste we produce at our industrial and administrative facilities, including medical waste and waste from our cafeterias.

Most part of this waste is reintroduced back into the production process as an ingredient of the ceramic mixture. This is what we call internal recycling. Materials that cannot be used in the mixture, such as metals, cardboard, oil, belts, electronic waste, among others, are sent to be recycled externally. Just 0.07% of the waste goes unrecycled and is sent to landfills. We are moving closer to zero waste, with the goal of bringing this percentage down to absolute zero.

All paper used in packaging is recyclable and all pallets are made from reforested wood. A reverse logistics initiative was implemented in our distribution centers to recover pallets and metal supports that can be reused. In 2020, 3,088 pallets and 4,254 supports ended up being recovered.

At the Marechal Deodoro manufacturing facility, we started a project in 2020 for proper disposal of ceramic shards. We have intensified the reintroduction of this type of waste into the ceramic mixture. However, it is also sent for external recycling. More specifically, it is sent to a business partner that uses our shards as a material for making cement.