The hostile nature without trees, with many rocks, intense wind and low temperatures, was highlighted in the research. Architectural materials are mostly imported from the concrete. Aluminum is benefited in Iceland and is widely used in construction.
The color chart of the country has great influence of the environment and usually includes the color lead. Concrete and metal dyed of that color and the use of volcanic stones well represent this mood.

The result of all these perceptions is a porcelain concrete surface in the Fjord and Volcano colors, having as its main characteristic the movement of the tones, which represents the intensity of Icelandic nature. An expressive and equally intense surface that also reveres one of the country’s major architecture works, the Harpa Concert Hall.

The 120x120 format, with relief or smooth, is intended to express movement, a natural constant in Iceland and which can print the same feature on facades or internal panels.



Where to buy

Portobello Shop Stores, Multibrand Stores or representatives for construction companies.