Paulo Mendes da Rocha Architect, urban planner, and teacher

Paulo Archias Mendes da Rocha was an architect, urban planner, and professor. A representative of Escola Paulista, he is the author of projects such as the Museu Brasileiro da Escultura (MuBE) and the renovation plan for the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (Pesp).

For the publication of the book Paulo Mendes Da Rocha: Bauten Und Projekte (2001), in Europe, by Niggli Verlag, the architect received, in 2006, the important Pritzker Prize, the highest award among the world’s architects, considered the Nobel Prize for architecture.

Nadezhda Mendes da Rocha Designer, architect, and urban planner

Nadezhda Afanasieff Mendes da Rocha is a designer through FAAP (2002); and architect through Escola da Cidade (2010). She currently coordinates the Platô Studio space, a platform for courses, exhibitions and discussions around design, alongside Julia Masagão, Gilberto Mariotti and Ralph Mayer.

In 2016, she opened her own studio, called Satélite, where she develops projects using different design scales. She works in an authorial way, moving between graphic design, furniture design and architecture.

Soma By Paulo + Nadezhda

Architecture + Irreverence
Rationality + Innovation
Modernism + Contemporaneity

A sum of strength that expresses the consistency of the design created by Paulo + Nadezhda.
Paulo Mendes da Rocha, a great master of Brazillian Modern Architecture that we admire so much.
Nadezha Mendes da Rocha, designer and architect, a talent that has been giving us strong and sensitive creations.

The tile on a new scale. The starting point of the restless mind and that always finds its way to surmount boundaries.
And to dream. Dreaming of tiles. That grow. That fragments itself.
That recompose.
Artistic panels in pure black and white.
Application in furniture.
Democratic, relaxed and everyday coverings.
Joy to step and touch.
Mosaics that reinvent themselves in elongated elegance.
A sum of technique, art, design with a dream, oetry, and sensibility.

Exponential sum. A sum that multiplies possibilities.

Maxi tiles.
Earth. Natural. Concrete.
Plots that, added together, are more. More Brazillianness. More modernity. More contemporaneity.
More dreams.

Portobello + Paulo + Nadezhda. Our sum of dreams.

>Monumento Lastras

Lastras Monument

One of the last works by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, made in partnership with his daughter Nadezhda, for the 2020 UNLTD Exhibition. The project is now off the ground and is given a special space at the Portobello factory in Tijucas (SC).

According to the author himself at the time: “What we did was to place the slabs with the dimension of 120 x 260 m, which are beautiful, sometimes vertically, sometimes horizontally, always orthogonally to the floor as expected to be arranged in architectures.”