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The value of co-creation.

At Portobello, designing is a collective activity, so our innovation cycle never stops. One of our pillars, collaborative creation, entails myriad discussions, conversations and different perspectives on the design and architecture universe.

Discover DOCs UNLTD and get inspired by intimate interviews with professional partners, conducted by journalist Pedro Andrade.

In Creative Backstage, explore the secrets of Portobello, from conception through the production process and store concepts.

And in Creative Collective, architecture and design professionals have the opportunity to co-create products from a unique experience: an exploratory trip that gathers impressions and perceptions about the place visited.

A cocriação está presente do início do fim da criação de linhas e produtos. Nossos Parceiros são essenciais para que a marca siga inovando de forma criativa e sustentável.

Architecture, design, texture, color, matter.
The glances are multiples.


Creative Collective

Artigos Recentes:
Festa + Arquitetura celebrates and announces the location of Creative Collective 2021
Celebration night reveals the outstanding professionals names of 2019, in different categories, invited to a special bossa-nova show. Read more
After Berlin, the Coletivo Criativo group meets at the Portobello factory.
The second meeting of the group was a day full of exchange of ideas. Read more
Tribute to parents of the Coletivo Criativo group members
On this Father's Day, Portobello’s partners tell how their parents inspired them, personally and professionally. Read more
Berlin arouses emotions in participants of the Coletivo Criativo group
Something that was very evident to the group during the meeting is how architecture is capable of representing feelings. The city's past is evident, but the capacity to reinvent itself is even greater. Read more


Paola Navone
Paola Navone Architect, designer and decorator. Know
Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Paulo Mendes da Rocha Architect, urban planner and teacher Know
Nadezhda Mendes da Rocha
Nadezhda Mendes da Rocha Designer, architect and urban planner Know
Ruy Ohtake
Ruy Ohtake Architect and urbanist Know

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