Mother Earth reminds us of the importance of our connection with nature. Gaia is a tile interpretation that proposes to bring this concept inside the house.
An artistic look permeates the mix between leaves and flowers inspired by the Atlantic Forest and Amazon biome. The brush glides over the surface, and more layers are built on such rich and complex art. With well-marked delineated drawings, Gaia has the counterpoint of the softness of the brushstrokes with the perfect harmony of the maxi outlines.
It has shades of white, green and touches of earthy tones and other colors, and enchantment and surprise before your eyes. The abstraction of elements from the Brazilian biome, such as the orchid and the bromeliad, constitute the three jewels of the decorated. 
Available in three colors, in 20 x 20 cm (7.87 x 7.87 inches) bold format, the precious Opaline, Jade and Tourmaline make for a cozy and contemporary environment. Read More

Where to buy

Portobello Shop Stores, Multibrand Stores or representatives for construction companies.